Awareness Portal

    Welcome to the AWARENESS PORTAL - a reporting platform for cases of discrimination, disadvantage, (sexual) harassment and violence as well as for feedback on studying and teaching.

    A main goal of the portal is to provide a supportive environment where you can feel free and safe to share your experience or concern quickly and easily without worrying about possible consequences. Everyone is aware of the need to maintain confidentiality and the sensitivity of the issue. Be encouraged to report cases of discrimination. Every single report helps to raise awareness, initiate change and shape a more equal opportunity university.

    You can also contact the OVGU Complaints Office directly at any time, by email at 

    Have you experienced or observed discrimination, disadvantage, (sexual) harassment or violence in the context of the OVGU?

    You can report incidents of this kind to the complaints office at any time as a complaint and/or obtain information and advice in a confidential setting. We are happy to support you!

    Here you can share questions, ideas, wishes, criticism and other feedback for the area of study and teaching and thus contribute to the design and quality development of the OVGU!

    The incoming questions are collected centrally and forwarded to the respective areas.

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