Feedback study and teaching

Make it better!

Share questions, complaints, ideas, wishes and other feedback with us! We cordially invite you to participate in the design and quality development of OVGU in all areas! Please use the contact form linked in the box below or send an e-mail to the following address: .

No matter if you are a student or staff member and have suggestions in the area of teaching and learning, if you would like to give feedback on particularly successful offers of the university, if you have urgent questions but don't know who to contact or if you are stumbling over other obstacles, you have come to the right place! The suggestions and questions received via the contact form are collected centrally and forwarded to the respective areas in order to implement solutions, ideas or wishes accordingly.

Please note that service telephone numbers have been set up for disruptions in the operating process, which you can find on the website of the Engineering and Construction Planning Department. If you have any questions about operational technology, real estate, or the information and security service, please contact these offices directly.

We take care of your data protection: If you provide personal data that enables us to inform you about the process and the results, it will only be used for the purpose of quality development by the OVGU Quality Assurance Department. Your report will be anonymized upon request before it is forwarded to the respective responsible bodies. You agree to this processing of the data.

Aims of the feedback form at a glance:

  • Identify improvement potentials and realize them if necessary
  • Promote improvement process as an innovative learning process, openness to error and understanding
  • Increase employee and student satisfaction
  • Organize knowledge independently of time, space and structural barriers and make it usable
  • Promote knowledge transfer and idea generation

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